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Our Forum

Our Member Forum, is on Facebook. This Member-Only forum is where almost everything happens. Not only is there a plethora of networking and information happening in the forum, but it’s also where almost all of our announcements are made for members. This PRIVATE forum ensures your discussions, images and ideas, are not shared with anyone outside of AIBP. Following AIBP’s “Honest Intentions”, members have found the decade-old community to be the best in the industry, often saying it’s their “SAFE PLACE”, and the most beneficial online for both business and personal growth.


  1. Every month, a "themed image contest" is posted. The JUDGE of the Monthly Contests, is the WINNER from the previous month. This keeps the judging fresh and fair, and {almost} everyone gets involved at one point or another in these Monthly Themed Challenges / Contests!

  2. Every week we have Daily Choice awards. Submit a photo each week for this award and if chosen, you receive your image returned with the AIBP badge award.

  3. Other Contests: We love contests, ad-hoc challenges and prize giveaways in AIBP! About once a month, a non-scheduled contest will appear... whether it's a "New Banner Challenge," or a "New T-Shirt Design Challenge" for the group, or any other array of challenge varieties... we also post those in the Facebook Forum, and prizes are always associated! We love prizes :)

*AIBP has given over $123,000 worth of donated prizes from industry vendors, since our beginning of doing these fun contests almost 8 years ago. The Prize is also listed in each weekly challenge/contest announcement!


As an AIBP Member, you have access to newsletters and/or blog posts already written for you. Whether you're a full-time boudoir photographer, or you do other genres as well... it's important to keep your name at the forefront of your clients' minds, as often as weekly.  Whether you update your clients on promotions you're running, or you have a cool new skincare trick... clients have said that the newsletters are a welcome addition to their inbox when their AIBP Member sends them.


Click HERE to see some insightful organizational tips, and stay tuned for more videos to come!


Our own International Magazine, PHILOSOPHIE boudoir is an incredible way for members to be published both in print and online. Our Editor in Chief, Zach Damberger, posts in our Facebook Forum, when he's in-need of editorial images, articles, ideas, and more. Keep an eye out for those exciting posts.


Participate in our 4-week mentoring program every six months where fellow AIBP members offer their expertise and advice for free. Our Director of Mentoring Services, Kim Hill, pairs less-experienced boudoir photographers with more experienced studio owners and the magic happens over a four week timespan. Mentors and Mentees are guided weekly with a syllabus to follow, if they find it helpful, on how to stay on track, on-task, and make their goals happens. The mentoring program has received industry-wide recognition and often times the Mentees are ready to take on Mentoring the next time around. Through the AIBP mentoring program, part-time studio owners have been able to go full-time into their passion for being a full-time boudoir photographer and saying “see ya”, to their “daytime gig”, they never really wanted in the first place.


Displaying your new AIBP digital badge on your website and sharing it with your social media following says a lot about the photographer/studio-owner you are. It says you care enough about industry trends to invest in your business education. It says you have been approved and your portfolio is top-notch. Once approved, you can download your badge in the “member academy” section of this website.

AIBP Attorney

With AIBP membership, you have full access to our attorney, at a deeply discounted rate. Not only has he already written and made available downloadable contracts (model contracts, agreements, etc), he is available quickly via email to answer any other questions more specific to your needs. Trademarking your name, customized Cease and Desist letters and much more…we’ve got you covered.

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