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  • Ron Olcott
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  • My interest in photography started when I was in junior high school. After setting it aside as a hobby when I came into adulthood, I began studying again in earnest in 2018.

    I take pictures of nearly every beautiful thing I can find - landscapes, buildings, digital abstracts, and family portraits. It was not until I got the opportunity to do a boudoir shoot with a friend that I really felt joy in my photography.

    When I started shooting Boudoir, I found that women, lovely women, would be amazed at how beautiful they were.

    I have shot women of many shapes, sizes, and ages, from super-thin model types to women who would not be considered traditionally beautiful. And once I started taking pictures, they became increasingly empowered and comfortable being who they are. I showed them their beauty the way I see it, the way the outside world sees it.

    I can't guarantee your Boudoir Experience will be a life-changing event. Still, I can guarantee it will show you that you are magnificent as you are in this moment. You don't have to wait for some magic, transformative event to claim your self-worth.

    You can celebrate your best self right now.

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