Code of Ethics

 The Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP) forum is extremely proud of the work of its membership in supporting and abiding by this important set of ethical business guidelines. Collaborations among and between colleagues, other educational organizations and photographic institutions are essential to building education of the highest quality. The Code of Ethics assists greatly in trying to realize this goal by serving as a blueprint for effective, ethical practices in AIBP.

The Purpose of a Code of Ethics is to serve as a guide to decision-making for those who aspire to the highest ethical and professional standards. It

is neither intended to nor would it be appropriate for it to “lay down” prescriptive answers. Rather, a Code of Ethics presumes a willingness to inquire of and respond to ethical guidelines for our members. Codes for AIBP will hopefully deter willful misconduct and misrepresentation and aspire to, “do the right thing,” not just to avoid legal liability, the mark of a true professional.

We take private, anonymous complaints very seriously, because AIBP is not just another forum online. We are a home and a ‘safe place’ for the education of professional boudoir photographers. This code is designed to not only avoid forum complaints and negativity, but also as a place where individuals can cross-check their actions and let us know if someone else is infringing on their ability to learn and feel comfortable. Please read carefully the following three Principles to ensure you are following these. If you have concerns someone is not following these to the extent of preventing the honest and positive goals of AIBP, please let us know by writing to Submissions@AIBPhotog.com.

Principle A: Professional Competence

As a member of AIBP, it is your responsibility to strive to the highest level of competence in your work. You need to recognize the limitations of your expertise and refer elsewhere, when you do not feel competent to undertake certain tasks whether it is for a paying client, or an educational opportunity to teach or be taught. This also includes commenting on such, so as not to mislead industry colleagues. Please ensure you have done your due-diligence in acquiring the proper documentation of your said expertise, if questions should arise. If questioned, you may be asked to lay-low for a while or leave the group for the time being.

Principle B: Integrity

Members need to be honest and fair and respectful of one another. Please always act in a way that is professional and worthy of others’ confidence and trust.

Principle C: Responsibility

As a professional photographer you are not only an artist but a business-owner. You have a responsibility to represent yourself as such in every way you possibly can. This includes knowing your legal boundaries when it comes to selling material you use to teach (i.e. legal contracts, Photoshop actions, material you have learned from someone else where you’ve signed a contract) etc. Please ensure you are prepared to accept responsibility for your work, your standards, the education you put forth for others, your methodological and personal approaches and forum behavior. Please do not let your desire to be correct, outweigh your shared responsibility to act in a positive, mature manner in our forum.

*AIBP is not in the business of “babysitting,” mediating, document-checking on your behalf, or censoring. We value the laid-back approach we have and the many kind-hearted professionals in our community. While situations usually never arise where the Code of Ethics needs to be addressed or consulted, there is the occasional time when it is a good idea to check yourself and others. We do not have the manpower or time to deeply research each complaint, therefore if you have a complaint against you, it is because something in this Code has been breached, and a zero-tolerance policy is upheld.

*AIBP asks that anyone who leaves our forum / group in any way, to leave on a professional note and we will work towards a mutual positive parting-of-ways. Our legal Counsel is Wadi Muhaisen, Wadi@Muhaisenlaw.com, in Colorado.