Association of international boudoir photographers

Raising the bar in the boudoir industry.


Photo Credit: Jasmin Jade Pickens


Who We Are

We are AIBP: The Association of International Boudoir Photographers.

Established in 2009, AIBP is a global boudoir photography association with members spanning six continents.  

We Get Creatives. We are a unique set of humans, oftentimes considered “square pegs in the round holes of society.”

AIBP takes very seriously, the necessary mind-body and soul connection, with relation to running a boudoir studio; It is imperative as a community of artists, that our community’s framework which guides our global family of niche-studio-members. AIBP understands the underlying anxiety and burnout from which Creatives suffer, and the underlying reasons why our boudoir studios differ from “other small businesses.”

Every Creative in AIBP has the opportunity to connect with like-minded studio-owners who can assist and guide them in keeping their business and home-life in healthy alignment.

Our community is a close-knit, global family of very-niche-photographers, specializing in boudoir.  Over the last ten years, AIBP has become well-known in the industry as the first, biggest, and most beneficial network of like-minded-creatives who have successfully raised the bar in the photography industry in many ways.  Not only has the perception of boudoir photography greatly improved amongst longtime industry preconceived notions, but the individual member-studios of AIBP have also seen a marked difference in the successes of their own studios - AND their personal lives.

Once accepted as a new AIBP Member, our professional Honest Intentions guide the standards to which we all adhere.  AIBP isn’t an association for hobbyists, enthusiasts and lookiloos – we are a generous and knowledgable collective of some of the best boudoir talent from all around the world.  

Membership is $18.00 USD / month, and comes loaded with great benefits from day one. From Weekly contests, Featured Photographer spotlights, Annual AIBP Awards, and our very own print + digital magazine called PHILOSOPHIE boudoir, AIBP has been said to be worth every penny and then some - and that’s before we even talk about our Annual Retreat.

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Annual Retreat - San Antonio TX

Please note: 2 spots opened up as of September 5, 2019. If you’d like to join us or need more information, please email Erin at

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