Tuesday Tutorial: Get Variety in Your Studio

Tuesday Tutorial: Get Variety in Your Studio

Hello everyone!

I recently did a tutorial on how to get more natural looks and variety in your shot by adding motion to your images. This time we are going to go over how to add variety with these six other things.  First here is a look at my studio so you can see what it looks like normally. You can see more here. 

DenverBoudoirStudio-0001 DenverBoudoirStudio-0002 DenverBoudoirStudio-0003

1.) Pose. The first way to get variety in your images is to change her pose. Doing this is fantastic, but if you have her doing too many things and you are directing her too much, she might feel like she is doing something wrong or be thinking too much, mostly because she isn’t a seasoned model. Instead I just have them add some motion like we discussed in my last tutorial, like playing with their hair. Most of what we are going to be talking about today has to do with once they are in that pose, how to get more variety.

2.) Angle. You can shoot from low, shoot from high, shoot from left, shoot from right. It seems obvious when you get you stuck in one spot because the light is good or the angle is good it makes it hard to move around and get different looks. You can see in these examples that changing from eye level to shooting down on someone really changes the look and feel of the portrait.

angle-0001 angle-0002 angle-0003

Angle-0004 Angle-0005 Angle-0006

3.) Details. The next is to shoot the details. Take shots of everything in every pose. Get her lips, get her fingers on her leg, get the light coming across her body, get her hip bones, get her lower back arch. All in addition to a regular full length portrait.

details-001 details-0001 details-003 details-0004 details-0005 details-0006

4.) Expression. I try to get a variety of serious sultry looks as well as a smiling expressions to help get variety. It is a great way to take the exact same shot and have each of them have their own character.

Expression-0001 Expression-0002 Expression-0003 Expression-0004 Expression-0005 Expression-0006

5.) Light. Changing the direction of light is an amazing way to get variety in the studio. I have a little directional light in my studio, so I used that for this section here. The first photo has side light, and the next are backlit.

Light-0001-2 Light-0002-2 Light-0003-2 light-0004 light-0005 light-0006


6.) Outfit. You can completely change outfits, but I like to slowly shed clothes as we go which lets us get more out of each outfit. She came in with lots of great outfits so we didn’t have to push it too hard with each outfit.

So there you have it, six quick looks at how you can get some more variety in your studio. Pose, Angle, Details, Expression, Light, and outfit. These are by no means the only ways, but if you add all of these to each shoot you will have many more images for the client to be able to purchase. If you have any questions feel free to email me here, or to see more of my work, go to!

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