Quality Prints by Bay Photo

Quality Prints by Bay Photo

Gorgeous gift prints from Bay Photo.

When my kids were younger, we went to Dan Dan the Bubble Man for all of our milestone photos. We ordered loose prints, wall prints, canvases, standouts–you name it– from Dan. They all came from Bay Photo Lab, and are still on my walls to this day.  Some of them are 15 years old and look as good today as they did when we picked them up from his studio.

Once I started my boudoir business, I knew that wall and gift prints were going to come from one source—Bay Photo Lab. It is a decision I have never regretted or wavered on. They have so many finish and mount options, any imaginable size, top notch customer service, and quality you can see from a distance.

Most of my gift prints are mounted on styrene and given to clients as a holdover when they are in a rush. No matter how much we want our clients to plan ahead, there are going to be those who on such a tight timetable it is impossible to get them their album in time. Years ago it struck me, some of us give our clients “digital sneak peeks”, why not a printed “peep” 😉 for their giftee? It’s a total hit, and it ups my booking ratio when ladies are in a hurry.

Bay Photo’s optional boutique packaging is the perfect presentation choice for your client to present to her Beloved.

Clients give the sneak peek print as a holdover, letting their giftee know “There’s more where that came from.” One hubby was so excited he slept with a 5×7 under his pillow for three nights straight!

Optional Boutique Packaging in black or brown to sync with your brand colors.

 Make your paper and size selection, texture options and styrene color in their easy to use ROES software.

Bay Photo Lab is so quick with their turn around, I can shoot a session, choose an image and have it back in my hands to deliver to the client, or even better—drop ship it, in a matter of two or three days. My studio happens to be pretty close to Bay Photo Lab, so I may be a tiny bit spoiled that delivery only takes a day. Photographers on the East Coast have reported that Bay is super fast for them, too.

Concerned about your clients knowing where you order from if you drop ship? Don’t be. Bay Photo Lab uses plain wrapping and there is no paperwork whatsoever in the delivery.


Photo Prints

  • Silver halide prints available in 5 professional photo papers: Lustre, Metallic, Glossy, Pearl and Deep Matte Velvet
  • Quality you have to see in person – studio sample discount is 50% off if you are testing or ordering samples to show your clients.
  • Optional Full Color Correction service is guaranteed, ensuring the best print possible. 
  • We print custom sizes ranging from Wallets to 30×120″
  • Protective Coatings, Mounting Options, and Textures are all available to enhance your print.   

Drop Ship Service

  • Since Bay Photo is a pro fulfillment lab, they ensure quality products go out the door. They realize the photographer’s reputation is on the line, so they act as a partner in delivering the best product to your client, and offering the most reliable Customer Service for your photography business.
    • Drop Ship option means a white label package — no invoice, and no branded shipping tape. 
  • Boutique Packaging is available for prints, which is a nice touch when delivering straight to your clients.

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