Bay Photo Wall Prints

Bay Photo Wall Prints


If you do in person sales sessions, you know the struggle of getting a client to visualize how big a wall art piece needs to be to fill the space she wants to hang her portraits in.

Bay Photo to the rescue again!  A few weeks ago I rearranged my sales office and added these wall prints above the TV. The bookcase is about the width of a queen size bed. (57” vs 59”). I have my client stand about ten feet away from the display, as this is a good rule of thumb to demonstrate how big an image should be to still make a minimum impact.

So many clients think, “Oh, I just need an 8×10 for the wall,” but when they see how tiny the 12×18 looks from that distance, they’ve convinced *themselves* that they need to go much bigger. This system has made selling wall art a breeze (and I thank Kara Marie for helping me with sizing)!

Bay Photo has gorgeous prints; just choose your sizes and have them mounted on Gator Board. Hanging them on the wall is super simple: just use your level and some Velcro strips. Mounting on Gator Board keeps the images light weight and easy to hang and remove if necessary.

As for what type of product to sell clients for their walls, I use standout mounts and metals. If clients want a fuller display, I show them the Cluster & Split options offered by Bay Photo.




Inkjet dye transfer prints are sublimated onto specially coated aluminum, giving your images luminescence/vibrance/impact you have to see in person.

Bay Photo was the first lab to master MetalPrints, 9 years ago. Since then we’ve innovated unique ways to display MetalPrints with gallery quality.

Bay leads the industry in sizes, options and quality. Custom and Large sizes set us apart from our competition.

Sizes: Any & every size from 2×3½” to 48×96″, including custom sizes

5 Surfaces: High Gloss, Mid-Gloss, Satin, Sheer Glossy, & Sheer Matte

Wall Display Options: Float Mount Hanger, Custom Framing, Exhibit Mount, Acrylic Face, Stainless Posts, Wall Clusters & Splits, and More

Table Display Options: Metal Easel Back, Wood Easel, Bamboo Stand, or Acrylic Stand

NEW Table Display Option: Curved MetalPrints

Production Turnaround: 2-3 Business Days


Standout and Bamboo Mounts:

Standout and Bamboo Mounts lend a clean, contemporary look to your wall displays. Prints can be mounted on a sustainably harvested solid Bamboo panel, or a thick lightweight backing available with Black, White, Brushed Stainless, or Maple finished edges that gives a contemporary look to unframed images.

Sizes: 22 Choices, From 4×5 to 30×40

Mounts: 3/4″ or 1-1/2″ Thick Foam Board with Choice of 4 Edge Treatments, or Sustainable Bamboo

Hanger: Keyhole

Prints: Photographic Prints, MetalPrints, or Dream Prints

How to Order: Bay ROES/Standout & Bamboo Mounts Catalog, Options Palette in the MetalPrints or Dream Prints Catalogs, or Online

Production Time: 2-4 Business Days, Depending on Print Type


Clusters & Splits: 

Designer Groupings of Canvas Gallery Wraps, MetalPrints, & ThinWraps. Clusters and Splits are a great way to sell more wall art! Click here to see tips from SLR Lounge on how these groupings can set your business apart.

Sizes: 24 Choices, 20×20″ and Larger

Arrangements: 14 Designer Groupings

Production Turnaround: 2-3 Business Days

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