Tuesday Tutorial – Using live chat to hook inquiries with Zoho SalesIQ

Tuesday Tutorial – Using live chat to hook inquiries with Zoho SalesIQ

Maximizing your time while turning an Inquiry into a Confirmed Booking with Zoho SalesIQ

I was Introduced to Zoho a little under 2 weeks ago, while reading some forums. Integrating programs into your website can be daunting time consuming and give you a headache.

The benefits to integrating programs like this include being able to retain your inquiries and turn them into clients, which ultimately turns them into dollars. It is proven that when people are shopping for a service or a product, they will ultimately look to see who answers them first, and when you do not answer them right away they are already google searching another type service. Then it becomes a race to see who is going to get the cheese at the end of the tunnel.

So why not make yourself as available as you can during your set hours? Zoho SalesIQ does this by integrating a chat service into your website so that potential clients can click on “chat live now” and speak with you live, meaning now all you have to do is charm your inquiry into booking the services they want. I have had some serious luck with this program – as of yesterday I have booked 6 clients in by just having a quick conversation with them over the Zoho chat service.


  1. You’re going to sign up for this program on your desktop. Go to Websites andclick “create New”.
  2. You will have a populated Code for your widget that you will cut and paste on to EACH footer page of your website. You want to ensure that the footer on each page of your website has the code so that no matter what page your potential client is on they will have access to contact you if they wish. So don’t sell yourself short by just using certain pages. There is no nasty popup, or huge banner, its literally a little icon on the bottom of the page for your visitor to access if they want to.
  3. On the Right hand side of your Desktop you will go through settings and set up your business information and times you want your chat active. There is a free version that you have access to if you do not want to set the times chat is live or not. There are also a few other standard differences butthat being said I strongly recommend you do the lowest paying option to ensure you’re not making yourself available for clients to ask you questions at 3am.

There are also other perks which I put into each booked clients file like the chat history. The program will also hold that information for you, so you can reference your conversations when you need to.

If you’re signed into the program on your desktop you will be able to receive and respond to inquiries while you’re working.

What happens when you’re not at your computer?

You can access your chat anywhere, with a downloaded app from the appstore called Zoho SalesIQ. You will use the same login information and then you will be able to receive your chats while you’re away from your desktop. You are limited by what you can do from your app; however, you can set the chat to busy if you need to, under settings-status-available/busy.


Notes to think about:

Integrate your mail chimp with your Zoho, that means anyone who contacts you will also be added to your mail list for future blog posts, newsletters, etc.

Cut and Paste all of your conversations into the client file once booked for future reference.

If you have more than one staff member – they can all have login information and even set their icon up with an image of themselves so the potential client knows who they are speaking to.

If you have abusive or contacts that are not wanted you can actually block their IP address and they will not be able to waste your time any longer.

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