Tuesday Tutorial: The “Scoop” On Getting Published

Tuesday Tutorial: The “Scoop” On Getting Published

Happy Tuesday all! As promised today’s Tuesday Tutorial covers some amazing advice from Catie O’Brien Scaglione on how to get published. Catie quickly realized that this subject was pretty lengthy, so we decided to provide a small overview for today’s post and a full feature will be available in the upcoming issue of Philosophie Magazine. So stay tuned….


The “Scoop” on Getting Published by Catie O’Brien Scaglione

The prospect of getting published, for any of us, at any level, pretty exciting. But is all publicity good publicity? Yes and no.

To be worth your time and effort, a little bit of strategic thinking is helpful.

I’m no certainly not well known in our industry – or perhaps even in my own market! (…yet!). However, my work has appeared on Dateline NBC, in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Brides Magazine, The Knot Magazine, Rangefinder, Professional Photographer Magazine, Hamptons Home Style and many more prestigious media outlets. In the past year alone, I have worked with 4 celebrities and their families. How did this happen? LUCK. GOOD TIMING. PLANNING… with the right elements in mind.

Personally, I am what you might call a publicity wallflower. Yes, I want the press. “BUT” … only if it ties to my business goals. Do I want to be somewhat heard of in our industry, grace the cover of our trade magazines? Sure, who wouldn’t. But do I NEED TO? Nah, I’m OK! I am way better suited spending my time and effort attracting new clientele, opening new business opportunities and improving my SEO. Because all of this impacts my bottom line. Not my ego! So, that is my starting point when I consider publicity opportunities.

Getting published serves many purposes. It is rewarding and time consuming. (That’s why companies have entire staff dedicated to securing press coverage!)

You’ll need to really narrow down your key priority needs and create an action plan based on THOSE details. Write down what your goals are…WHY do you want to be published? Be honest with yourself.The answer will be exactly right for you, and you’ll know where to go from there.

Is it Emotional? …Showing your (clients/friends/peers) you’ve officially “made it”? …Elevating your status in the industry? …Fulfilling your need to be an authority or educator? (notice I said NEED and not desire). …you love to write and it’s an outlet for you?

It is practical? …If it puts you on “the Map”, is it the RIGHT map? …Can the opportunity increase your SEO? …Will it find you the RIGHT prospects in the appropriate markets, locations and demographics? ….You WANT to be an industry educator and this helps gain visibility? …Does it open new co-marketing opportunities?

Is it Charitable or Benevolent? … maybe you don’t have a lot of time or money to donate, so offering your photos to nonprofit magazines or websites is your way to give back. …maybe you are generously helping a model get discovered. …perhaps donating images is a barter opportunity with a publication for a greater good.

I’ve put in some PR “sweat equity” for EACH of these reasons at some point in time. But I’ve learned they didn’t always have the right effect

No matter what your goals are, they are highly personal – and therefore always right (for YOU). In the next issue of Philosophie, I’ll be sharing some tips at how to get published at various levels of media. I’ll share some details about how it happened for me, as well as some info from a few seasoned PR pros. Stay tuned!


About Catie: Cate studied Photography at the Art Academy University, San Francisco and through private mentoring with some of the world’s most renowned photographers. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers and the Professional Photographers of America. Cate is a graduate of Marist College where she studied advertising, art and design. Previously, Cate was the global creative director of advertising at American Express, where she help developed award-winning print and television campaigns. Cate shoots on location in New York City, throughout the state of New Jersey and occasionally travels for commissioned sessions. She lives in picturesque Monmouth County, NJ with her husband and three small children. To learn more about her and see her amazing work, go to
Christie Conyer
Christie Conyer

Christie Conyer is an Oklahoma City based boudoir, beauty and portrait photographer.


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