Tuesday Tutorial: Music to Live, Work and Edit by

Tuesday Tutorial: Music to Live, Work and Edit by

We all come to the dilemma of what to listen to, or where to find new music or what should I put on for my clients. Here is a quick list for you of streaming programs that will not only play music but some even let you create playlists and personalize the experience for you!


Spotify (my personal favorite) Create as many custom playlists as you want and listen to them on your desktop or take them with you. There are commercials every few song, and by commercials, its 1 and it is about 30 secs. If you upgrade to premium, no more commercials and the playlists become controllable on the go. It’s pretty awesome.

iheartradio-similar to Pandora, but for radio stations all over the world. You can live stream almost any radio station you want and also create channels based on artist or mood or genre. I like this one for in the shower.

pandora-lets you create ‘channels’ that play music that is similar to the song you started the channel with. Great for discovering new music. It gears your music and changes depending on if you give thumbs up or thumbs down to songs. If you choose down, they won’t ever play that song on that channel again.

-You favorite local radio stations-we all have our favorite radio stations, you can’t forget that most of them these days have live streaming right on their website! Go check it out.

Rhapsody- A pay first then listen limitlessly. Not so much a big contender, but still a fantastic streaming option. You don’t have to worry about them stopping the free use one day and asking for money-they are just upfront about it.

While the list for music streaming is sure to have many other contenders, these are the most frequently used around my area and the ones I am most familiar with.  Don’t count out myspace by the way! Did you realize that myspace is ALL about the music now. Go and check them out next time you have a few mins. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but visually pleasing and music to go with it. Love what they have done with the place.!

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