Tuesday Tutorial: How to Make Packages Work

Tuesday Tutorial: How to Make Packages Work

Welcome to our new weekly installment – Tuesday Tutorial!  These posts will be member submitted, and focus around a variety of topics.  Our intent if for this to be fun and informative, and a little insight into the minds and businesses of AIBP’s members.  Thank you so much to our first brave contributor, Elite Pro Member Danea Burleson.  

Without further ado, take it away, Danea!


How to Make Packages Work

I am an all-inclusive package girl for three reasons:

1. I want a big sale. I hate having no idea what a client will choose or if they will talk themselves out of items as the products are tallied. I hate the stress even if they turn out wonderfully. Haha.

2. I want to hit my happy place with every client and packages are my way of doing this.

3. I LOVE knowing from the start that anything they add on at an ordering session is an extra bonus.

So here are my tips on creating a great package strategy, or at least what works for me.

– Have a great a la carte price list to work off of. You need to show what is being bundled and why it’s a better option. Price your a la carte smart so you are actually making money. This means doing ALL the math, from COG’s to taxes and everything else in between. Keep in mind that packages discount your a la carte, so items need to be priced so that you still make money!

– Show clients the savings. Discount accordingly. The larger the package, the higher the discount.

– Keep your packages simple. Albums and digital are my top sellers so every package includes hair, makeup, shoot time, editing and an album. The bigger the package the more product. In my case I add on shoot time, more images, digital files and my highest packages get additional product.

– Keep your starting package at a minimum but large enough that if that is all you sell, you will still be happy with what you make. For example I want to make a minimum of $35 hr, preferably $40-55 for every client. I am a business owner, if I only wanted make $10-15 an hour I would get a different job. My starting package is small enough to entice clients but still big enough to hit my target hourly wage. P.S. Knowing how many hours you spend on each client from the first interaction to delivering product is key. Figure it out.

– Make your middle package your sweet spot and “goal zone”. This is the package you WANT to sell! Your middle package should be double your lowest and your top package half more or double the middle. ei. $500, $1000, $2000. It needs to be so irresistible that clients have to have it over your lowest. This isn’t always the case, but more often than not, people will choose more at a better deal.

– Make your top package your “I may never sell this but if I do, I will do back flips!” Yup, price it that high. Make it outstanding and sit back because the day will come when you WILL book that package.

– Do not have more than four packages. Three is really all you need. I have three that people buy regularly and one out of this world, full day event. I have booked them all.

– Avoid “credits” in packages. This just confuses people.

– Do not allow substitutions. Since I only offer albums and digital in my target packages I have never had this request. Keep prints and other products out of packages. They can be purchased separately.

– Leave room to upgrade. Don’t include it all in the package. Upgrades also give clients options. Allowing a client to add images to an album or upgrade to a high end album, allows them to customize the package at their ordering session. It also means more money for you. Win- win.

– Offer a package add-on only price menu(album upgrades discount of digital collections etc…). You can even include items available ONLY to those who purchase a package. Keep it short and sweet.

I am sure there is much more I could say but this is a great starting point. And remember, it may take some time and rearranging to find your package sweet spot, but when you do, it feels so good!


Boudoir Coterie Packages1 Boudoir Coterie Packages 2

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Jen Swedhin
Jen Swedhin

Jen Swedhin is a natural light and studio photographer. Jen specializes in intimate portraiture for men, and is one of the only photographers in the industry to focus on this niche. If you are interested in offering men and couples but don't love shooting it, hire Jen! She can come to your studio, shoot men and couples for you, under your brand, and split the profits. Easy peasy. Jen is also the owner of Jen Gets Shit Done, a retouching, web design and mentoring service for boudoir photographers.


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