Tuesday Tutorial: Four Ways To Drive Business With Pinterest

Tuesday Tutorial: Four Ways To Drive Business With Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks and is the third largest only behind Facebook and Twitter. Since Pinterest is based on a visual experience, it only makes sense that (we) photographers utilize this platform to the fullest. Here are four simple ways to make Pinterest work for you and your business:

pinterest-button-squarePin images from your own blog posts -SEO baby! You can drive insane amounts of traffic to your site by pinning images from your blog to Pinterest . When other Pinterest users click through your image it will direct them to your blog or website resulting in more clicks, which in turn improves your SEO rank. Now who doesn’t love that? On the other side…make sure your blog is “pin friendly” so others can pin your images to Pinterest for you. You can even create a “Pin It” button to place on images. How convenient!

Style and collaborate your upcoming shoots -You can serve your clients well by brainstorming with them on a storyboard for their shoot. You can tell exactly what the clients likes and expectations are by what she is pinning. This also gets your client invested in their shoot by contributing to the overall look and feel of the session. A word to the wise, make sure you inform your client that the images are for inspiration only and are not meant to be exactly replicated.

Pin your favorite styles to attract the ideal client -You know the saying “You sell what you show”? Well, Pinterest is no different. Clients are looking to us to be the experts and your Pinterest boards can reflect exactly what your selling. Make it a no-brainer for them by setting up boards by categories like “What To Wear”, “Poses”, “Lighting”, etc. People love to hire people with similar tastes, so this a perfect way to showcase your personality to a potential client.

Have fun and run a contest -There are so many ways to run a contest on Pinterest. Again…this gets people invested with you and your brand. One of my favorite’s is for users to style their dream boudoir session and the photographer picks the winner. The clients love it and the inspiration is amazing!

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 4.57.32 PMOn a personal side note, I have recently experienced the power of Pinterest. I had an image go viral in the last few weeks with more than 500 pins and counting. It has tripled my blog traffic and has bumped me up two spots in Google rank. 🙂

Erin Zahradka
Erin Zahradka

Founder of AIBP, Erin Zahradka is an award winning family & lifestyle photographer & loves the art of everything-boudoir. Internationally Published & Team-Recipient of the 2013 People's Choice ICON Award, she specializes in natural light, bringing her subjects into the natural environments that bring out the beauty in all-things-love-and-light.


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