Tuesday Tutorial – Facebook Marketing Mistakes.

Tuesday Tutorial – Facebook Marketing Mistakes.


Facebook Marketing Mistakes.

Todays TT is brought to us by Mistie who runs a boudoir studio Little Black Dress Boudoir. She is an amazing teacher & business woman, in this TT she will be educating on some very common facebook marketing mistakes.

Facebook Engagement Mistakes

Facebook Engagement Mistakes


My goal in business is simple, to make money. one of the ways i make money is by utilizing my Facebook business page. I get private messages and emails every day either asking me “how in the hell, can i get paying clients from Facebook?” or complaining that “ no one ever sees my posts. And even when it says its been seen a lot, i’m not getting inquiries. Facebook is obviously a rip off and a scam” I mean I suppose Facebook could be a rip off and a scam, or you could possibly, unknowingly, be making one or both of these huge mistakes.

Have you ever asked other photographers to like your business page? ever posted in one of those like for like posts? Or even started one of those like for like posts?

I’m betting that at least 90% of us can answer yes to one or more of those questions. well, stop it. thats right, if you are doing those things, you need to stop, right now, immediately.

You are single handedly killing your profitability.

Little Black Dress Boudoir

Little Black Dress Boudoir

Let’s be honest 95% of the time other photographers are not our potential clients, and if they are not going to book you or give you money, why do you want them to like your page? It’s really important to stop getting caught up in how many likes your page has, and start focusing on getting the right people to like your page. Obviously if you teach workshops, mentor or sell services for photographers, than other photographers are the right people for you .

To help prove my point. did you know that less than 16% of your facebook fan base actually ever see anything you post organically. To put that in perspective, say you have 200 likes, approx 32 people who like your page are going to see your posts. now lets say 75 of those 200 likes are from other photographers… What are the odds that anyone who may actually want to give you money, is even going to see that awesome special you just posted.

Another mistake I often see is with page engagement. Are you engaging your fan base? What I mean by that is, are your fans commenting, liking, sharing and posting often? or even at all? If all you are doing is posting photos and specials, likely you are missing out on building a community, and truly engaging your fans. This is important because fb only continues to show your posts to people who are actually engaging with your page.

Personal Facebook Engagement

Personal Facebook Engagement

You want to ensure that you are posting at least one branded photo per day as well as one post with text. Text posts can also include photos. Your text posts need to be asking fans questions that relate to them, asking for their advice and experience. The topics of these questions should range from business ideas like which outfit do you like better? black and white or color? What would your dream shoot be? etc.. To personal questions like, What’s the best place to buy an outfit like x?, Should I change my hair color? Who do you recommend for x..? These are just examples, make sure that whatever questions you ask, that they are relevant to you, your brand, and your fans. Doing theses things will increase your profitability, conversion rates, and even help you get more of those likes everyones talking about.

The more you know ….


About Mistie

Little Black Dress Boudoir

Little Black Dress Boudoir

I believe that it is entirely possible to make an abundant living in photography and anyone who tells you otherwise is doing it wrong.

I started my boudoir studio Little Black Dress Boudoir six years ago. I went from under charging, doing everything myself in a tiny studio, to a 3,000 sq ft custom built out studio in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with stylists, and a full time studio manager who I also taught to shoot sessions.

My boudoir studio does around $400,000.00 a year in sales. I do this while still maintaining a great work/life balance.

My career background- before becoming a professional photographer- was as a business consultant. I would go into small businesses ( of all types) and make them more profitable.

I find that a lot of photographers are terrified of the business and marketing side of their artistic passion.

They lack the skills, the mindset or the drive to really grow their business and be really successful.

I hope to change that.



– Business and Marketing coaching is available, you can contact me at


I love this advice from Misty, she totally understands that we need to be selling our services to our clients not our competition.

Here are a few more Facebook & social media tips.

I have found that trending articles have a much higher reach than original content. Facebook LOVES trends, so if you see a great boudoir article, video, or photo share on on your page. It doesn’t have to be about boudoir specifically, you can share memes on women’s empowerment, lingerie, articles on local events near your boudoir studio. Comics on sexuality. Mix it up. Toss in a few of YOUR favorite boudoir styles.

For original content I try to plan ahead and shoot several photos/ideas/concepts at once, I like to use Henry Fords assembly line method. I’ll spend an entire afternoon shooting a local public client or model and we will shoot several images that we will release slowly over time. Spring flowers, a new set, holidays, get a batch of before & afters done. I’ll go shopping and shoot a dozen props at once. Instead of posting all 15 images that day. I’ll post a few each week.

Mistie has a great example of “Black & white or color? Sure it takes time to load images into PS split them up, ad your filters, and have your B&W or color examples, but if you sit down & do 25 of them at the same time, now you have ten engaging images to post. NOT ALL AT ONCE.

Toss them into your 2015 Social Media folder and post one a week you have half a years worth of great client engaging posts.

Buffer is my favorite social media scheduler. I love being able to set aside an hour every Monday morning & set up a weeks worth of posts. Then if I am a bit busy shooting in the studio, I still know that my Facebook feed is going to be fresh with new engaging content.

For in person marketing, I see so many struggling photographers make the same mistakes. They will attend each and every photographers meetup & go to gallery shows, & industry networking events, mingling with the same 20 or so people each week. The same 20 or so people that are all hustling for the same shows, clients, & jobs.

Get away from your fellow photographers! (Unless you’re selling to them as well)

Go to a burlesque show and mingle with the crowd. Connect with the local spa or salon. Join a women’s empowerment group. Get out and mingle with the women who are going to hire you to give them an amazing sexy boudoir experience.


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