Tuesday Tutorial: Brand Narrative

Tuesday Tutorial: Brand Narrative

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today’s Tuesday Tutorial is about branding! But hold on…wait a minute. This is not about looking at pretty packaging, websites, or cute logos. But let me tell you…it is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR BRAND! It is called developing a BRAND NARRATIVE. If you choose not to build a story around your brand, you leave it open for others to craft one for you. Are you comfortable letting other people, sometimes perfect strangers develop your story?

Brand narrative is defined as “At the highest level of a content strategy is the brand narrative, which is typically made up of company-developed and owned language, stories and ideas born of the vision, mission and values. It is a foundation for creating stories linked to the core brand promise that work across channels and audience segments.

Because we live in a content-centric world where we are not the only storytellers, the brand narrative serves two purposes: 1) it provides language that gives direction for crafting stories from the brand perspective and 2) it provides language we want customers/consumers to use when they talk about the brand and how they feel about it. Knowing what we want others to say and believe about the brand can also guide our content strategy.”

For boudoir photographers this is huge! Even in today’s world the term “boudoir photos” is still a taboo subject to some. What would you like past clients, vendors, family members, friends, etc to say about what you and what you do?  It is important to come up with a description of easy language to help tell your story. This language should also be the guide to help write content for your website, marketing material or blog.

There are lots of great on-line resources on how to write a compelling brand narrative. Check out a few here:

Brand Storytelling 101

Christie Conyer
Christie Conyer

Christie Conyer is an Oklahoma City based boudoir, beauty and portrait photographer.


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