Tuesday Tutorial: 7 Quick Tips for Pinterest for Business

Tuesday Tutorial: 7 Quick Tips for Pinterest for Business

Pinterest. One of the newer social media platforms that has been successful, and looks to be sticking around for a long time to come. It pleases the need for visual impact and enticements while providing a link back to the source. Simple concept, and very helpful for those who have business when used properly. Here are 7 tips to help you start creating better pins and driving traffic utilizing Pinterest for your business.

  1. Be Active. Seriously-spend 30 mins three times a week, pinning things to your boards-it keeps your presence known and shows followers that you are active.
  2. Pin Your own content! I can’t begin to tell you how important this is. It’s easy to get into pinning everything else and put ourselves last, but if you want to drive traffic and create a buzz about your own business, pin your blogs and images.
  3. Create Pin-Friendly images specifically for your pins. Remember that pins go vertical rather than horizontal.
  4. SEO! keyword your pins. Pinterest gets pulled up constantly on google for images and searches in general. tag your business and your genre, what is in the image itself. you know by now what your brand words are, include those!
  5. Create group boards and invite other active users to pin to it. More people pinning to a board you created equals more followers for you, as well as active boards and more eyes seeing what you pin.
  6. Don’t forget video. You can pin videos as well as blog posts, articles and pictures.
  7. Keep it visually pleasing or at least brand conscience. If your brand is light and bright keep your pins thumbnails light and bright too. Stay brand conscience when creating pins to attract more of your target market.

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