Tuesday Tutorial: Promote Using Slideshows!

Tuesday Tutorial: Promote Using Slideshows!

From Skip Cohen University- on HOW TO PROMOTE USING ProShow Slideshows for Web!
Video slideshows are an excellent way to promote your photography, share your work, get referrals and make more money. See the top 5 ways photographers use ProShow video slideshows to grow their business.

1. Use a Video Slideshow as an Upgrade Incentive

Include a video slideshow in one of your higher-end packages to entice clients to purchase a larger order. Try delivering your slideshow in a custom folio or personalized USB drive to really amp-up the value. Polished packaging is key!

2. Proofing With Slideshows


Photo by Mark Teskey
 Whether you invite clients into your studio to watch a slideshow of their images for the first time, or you send a digital proof for clients to watch in the comfort of their home, one thing remains the same – clients are usually so emotionally moved when they view their images in a moving video slideshow set the the right music, they are often brought to tears…in a good way! Tap into that emotion and lead a proofing and sales session with a slideshow viewing.

3. New Client Referrals with Social Media

Post your video slideshows to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest with relevant keywords and always link back to your site. Tag your clients in your video slideshows on Facebook so their friends and family see the posts too. The more you post, tag and promote, the more potential clients will see your work. Videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts on Facebook alone.

4. Blogging With Slideshows

Video slideshows add an interactive element to your blog posts. Try embedding a client’s video directly in your next blog post. It’s likely to be shared, liked and viewed more than just still images alone. In fact, online retailers have found that customers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after seeing it featured in a video. Think about what this can do for your sales!

5. Sell Video Slideshows Directly to Clients

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Add to your bottom line and sell the slideshows you make in ProShow directly to your clients, in the form of a DVD, Blu-ray disc, HD digital download or deliver a video on a custom USB drive. Once you make a slideshow with ProShow Gold, Producer or ProShow Web, it’s yours to share, distribute or sell however you see fit. ProShow Web users, simply make sure you’re signed up for a Premium account and you’re good to resell too! Wedding and portrait clients are great candidates to sell video slideshows to and often seek video slideshow services as part of a photography package.

Erin Zahradka
Erin Zahradka

Founder of AIBP, Erin Zahradka is an award winning family & lifestyle photographer & loves the art of everything-boudoir. Internationally Published & Team-Recipient of the 2013 People's Choice ICON Award, she specializes in natural light, bringing her subjects into the natural environments that bring out the beauty in all-things-love-and-light.


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