Tuesday Tutorial: Contact Form Conversion

contact form conversion

Tuesday Tutorial: Contact Form Conversion

Is your contact form converting?

Contacts equal clients, yet so many of us spend all our time and efforts on our information pages then, we ignore our contact pages.


Todays Tuesday Tutorial will go over several ways we can improve our contact forms and convert those internet browsers into clients.

Quick sprout has a great infographic:





How many fields in the perfect conversion form?

On my boudoir photo website I have struggled with the 3 VS 4 fields in my web forms.

I have just recently updated all my forms to have four fields.


Email address:



In the past I have had trouble getting phone numbers so I could call potential clients back.  I would go back and forth with emails and have to ask for a phone number several times.

I also had a great chat with fellow boudoir photographer Kerrian Latty. She let me know that her conversions are over 50% higher when she has an actual phone conversation with her clients.

I agree, when I stop and think about it, getting people on the phone and having a friendly chat does wonders for my bookings.


contact form conversion

contact form conversion

How can we convert with our phone numbers?

Then last month I received another great conversion tip.

If your studio number is not a hyperlink you are losing potential clients.

With over 30% of my website traffic being on a mobile device or smartphone, by ONLY having that tiny little web form to fill out I was losing potential clients.

It was my sister who brought this to my attention, she said she hates those little forms & asked why my phone number was not “clickable”

I had not quite caught up with the fact that now in addition to email we can have hyperlinked phone numbers.

So if you want to help your potential clients call you studio up and set up a consultation, make your studio phone number a hyperlink:

Start with the text. My number is 555.555.5555

Hover and highlight the text with your mouse and make a link.

Instead of the “http://” and a web page address, replace the “http://” with “tel:” (no forward slashes)

For hand code:

<a href="tel:555-555-5555">+1 555.555.5555</a>

Now your boudoir studio is just a click away for those who are on smart phones & tablets.

I also always have my email be both written out and hyperlinked.

Not all computers are set up for email, some people don’t trust forms, so a publicly viewed emails helps.

Yes, I do get a bit more spam, & telemarketing I find the extra spam is handed by my spam filters quite well.


Tips and tricks for better client conversions:

These are three of my go to pages when I need to remind myself how to design the best contact page I can.

10 Tweaks for BIG conversions

14 Steps to building better conversion forms

Contact Page Optimisation, SEO is not just for landing pages



contact form conversion

contact form conversion

Contact form conversion includes menu design

I one issue I see with many boudoir websites is the hidden contact page, it is buried under dropdown sections somewhere.

Your “CONTACT US” should be on the last right hand side top level of your navigation menu.

Don’t hide it, don’t make people look all over for it, put it where everyone else puts it.

We are boudoir photographers, we don’t need to win web design awards, we need clients to be able to contact us, call us, email us, & book us.

Are you making these navigation menu mistakes?

Lets fix them now.

One last change I made to my contact page is I added the “What happens next”

Just that one little line, letting potential clients know that I will be giving them a ring, and not let their message drift off into cyberspace.

So call me maybe?


How are you going to improve your contact page this week?

Let us know in the comments below!



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