• Tuesday Tutorial: Polyvore Basics

    by  • October 1, 2013 • Fashion, Social Media, Tuesday Tutorial

    Hello all and happy Tuesday!

    At the request of many members we are going to talk about the basics of Polyvore. Today we will learn how to use the boards AIBP creates for you and how to edit those and make them your own.

    According to Wikipedia, "Polyvore is a community powered social commerce website. Members curate products into a shared product index and use them to create image collages called "Sets". Polyvore's global community has created over 44 million sets that are shared across the web. There are active Polyvore communities around fashion, interior design and artistic expression. As of August 2012, Polyvore has over 17 million monthly unique visitors."

    Polyvore has become a great tool for photographers in creating "What To Wear" guides. There is no need to hand-build the guides in Photoshop or be forced to buy a generic template anymore. The possibilities and uses are endless, but for today's tutorial we will stick with the basics:

    Every Friday, AIBP post a new "set" created with a different fashion theme for AIBP members to use in their own blog posts/websites. Each set contains one inspirational look done three ways: Daring, Classic and Modest. This a great way to show client's of all body shapes and comfort levels how they can wear a very fashion forward look. Here is an example:

    Flower Bomb
    Notice that if you click on the image above, it will take you to Polyvore's website and directly to the official AIBP account where this set was made. It list all the items used, the price and where they can be purchased. Keep in mind, these are meant to be used purely as inspiration. The other great thing about the direct link is the copyright coverage. Since all the items link back to the original author or seller, there is no need to give credits on all storyboards. Huge time-saver!
    To utilize these "sets" in your own blog, simply copy the html code that is provided next to the image in the AIBP private Facebook group. Next, go to your own blog and start a new post. Simply paste the code in the "text" version of your entry. Save and post. Volia!
    Now, I have lots of people ask how they can edit these to make them their own and in-line with their brand. While there is no way to simply edit the already created board, you can create your own set using the items from the AIBP account. You will need to create your own Polyvore account (I suggest using your studio or brand name). Pick the items you would like to use from that particular AIBP created board and "like" them. You now have all of those items in your "liked" tab. If you are new to Polyvore, I strongly suggest using a pre-made template that can be found by following these Polyvore instructions: "You can find templates in our template gallery. Click on the Create a Set link at the header of the page, then click on the Open button on the top right side of the page. In the window that pops up go to the All Template tab. You can browse through templates here." Once you are finished with your new set and it is published, Polyvore will automatically generate an html code for you to copy/paste into your blog. Now you have a beautiful magazine quality storyboard to use as your own.
    I hope this helps and I look forward to creating more exciting Friday Fashion Finds.


    Christie Conyer is an Oklahoma City based boudoir, beauty and portrait photographer.