• Tuesday Tutorial: Managing your Privacy on Facebook

    by  • April 16, 2014 • Social Media, Tuesday Tutorial



    This week, I'm going to do a brief (as brief as it can be, anyway, considering the subject matter) tutorial on how to handle one of four privacy issues I see people asking about on a regular basis.  (I was going to do all four here, but the explanations aren't super-simple, so we'll follow up with the other three in later Tuesday Tutorials.)

    Problem One:

    I'd like to be able to post things boudoir-related things on my personal wall occasionally, and I have friends who would enjoy the things I'd like to post, but I have friends/family who would freak out if they saw anything like that popping up in their feed—especially if it came from me.

    This one is actually pretty simple to solve, but it will take a little time to set up, and you'll have to remember to change your privacy setting when you post—otherwise your setup time was wasted, and you'll be right back where you started.

    Solution One:

    If you don't care whether or not you see all of the other person's/people's posts, you can fix this problem in two easy steps:

    1. label the friends as acquaintances
    2. make questionable posts visible to "friends except Acquaintances."   

    Voila!  easy peasy, all done.

    You can change a friend's label in several places:

    • YOUR "Friends" page
    • your friend's profile page
    • anywhere you can mouse over your friend's name (PM, wall post, comment, etc...)

    NOTE:  If you want to verify that your new "acquaintance" can't see certain things, go to the page and click the little triangle ALL the way to the right (next to activity log and the "settings" gear icon), click the triangle,  select "view as," and select who you'd like to view your page as.


    Solution Two:

    Now, if you DO want to see all of someone's posts, but still hide things from them occasionally, you're going to need to make a list (or multiple lists, if you have different groups to hide different things from...) and add them to it.  Making a list is easy, and you can do it from the same places where you were able to select a label for your friend:

    • YOUR "Friends" page
    • your friend's profile page
    • anywhere you can mouse over your friend's name (PM, wall post, comment, etc...)

    Just mouse over the "friends" box next to their name where ever you find it, and select either a list you've already created, or "Add to another list"

    Once you have your list(s), you're all set!  Whenever you post something you don't want them to see, just set the privacy to "custom."  (You change the privacy by clicking the little icon next to the "post" button, and selecting the level you want to use.)  With the "custom" setting you have several options:

    • Share with friends, friends of friends, or "only me" (you can also allow or disallow sharing with people tagged in the post)
    • Share with specific people or lists
    • Hide from specific people or lists



    More Facebook Privacy Issues (links will be added when available):

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    Problem Three:  friending whoever you want to without worrying what certain other people will think....

    Problem Four:  keeping "liked" pages private

    (This is by no means comprehensive, but if I miss something you wanted to know, post a comment and we'll work it into one of these or tackle it on another Tuesday.)