Country Ambassadors for AIBP

*WHY have Country Ambassadors?* 

AIBP is a global association with members on six continents.  Our largest membership-pool is in North America (U.S. and Canada).  In the near future we plan to have “Chapters,” where Country Ambassadors may use the AIBP name to have gatherings, smaller workshops for people unable to attend our annual retreat, and host their own networking events that align with AIBP’s intentions / mission.

Role of a Country Ambassador

1. Be the main contact for boudoir photographers in their area who are looking to expand their knowledge, or have questions answered about AIBP.

2. The Country Ambassadors will speak about AIBP in their own social media forums for potential growth of our membership, to ensure we’re not leaving anyone out who would like to be a part of our awesome community.

3. Give AIBP feedback regarding things people are interested in seeing / experiencing within the Association, deliver questions they can’t answer / concerns to be addressed, and be a great role-model for the boudoir industry on behalf of AIBP.

The following are the 2018 Country Ambassadors
(And Texas, which sounds funny, but it’s a BIG state!)

Stormy Sloane is owner / operator of Rebel & Romance Boudoir, a beautiful boudoir and fashion photography business based mainly in the UK (though she also does quite a bit of work in the U.S., and France).  Stormy has been a member of AIBP for several years and is looked up to by many in the industry.  She brings a great international flare to AIBP and has a large following in the UK which is growing into France as well.

Peter Driessel is owner / operator of Boudoir Fusion Photography in South Africa.   Peter is very active in the boudoir industry and highly respected in South Africa.  Published in print several times, award-winning in the U.S. and South Africa, Peter has a natural eye for the craft and is easy to connect with in conversation.  Peter will make a great Ambassador to South Africa.

Andrea Elkind is our South American Ambassador. Owner / operator of  Andrea Elkind Fotografia, she is highly participatory in the AIBP / boudoir community in the States and has shown the ability to garner interest in bringing the fun to South America.  Possibly expanding her business to Florida in the near future, Elkind is award-winning, embodies the spirit of positivism and fortitude, and will be an excellent Ambassador for AIBP.

Angela Michelle is owner / operator of Raven Red Photography based in Texas.  She has been an AIBP member for several years, hosts workshops / online tutorials and has a high participation rate in frequent social media conversations online.  Angela has a sizeable social media following about what it means to raise the bar of boudoir photographers for the mind / body and soul.

Artist Jessica Rae needs little introduction within the boudoir industry.  As our AIBP Canadian Ambassador, Jessica, of Artist Jessica Rae, is enthusiastic and a perfect fit.  Rae has been a rising star for some-time now, is highly sought-after for instruction on both technique and designing studios using “what space you have.”  Rae and her husband have designed / developed a portable wall system for small studios who would like to bring variety to their sets, and she’s top-notch in both personal and professional interaction with peers.  Artist Jessica Rae will be one of our 2018 AIBP Retreat instructors in Boulder, Colorado.

Sample Country Ambassador Badge: