Meet The Founders

The AIBP Founders
The Association of International Boudoir Photographers began as a labor of love. In an effort to change the sometimes 'negative-vibe' that exists in many online photography forums, AIBP's first and most important “rule” is to be kind to one another. So often in public forums, people speak their minds which can be hard to translate for the reader; the original intention of the post gets muddied up by bickering, helping no-one. As the unparalleled encouraging feel of AIBP started to shine throughout the industry, the membership base followed suit, now spanning six continents. Offering tangible prizes for participation in weekly themed challenges, to mentoring programs and even our own print magazine, AIBP has become a family to our wickedly talented boudoir photographers.

Erin Zahradka


Erin Zahradka always knew she loved animals, aviation and art. It seems her love for exploring has been her lifeline her entire life, in various ways. Both figuratively and literally, almost in a way to escape the ties that bind us to the “real world,” Erin finds ways to journey to other realms via having deep conversations with her animals (too many fish to count, Walter the Whoodle or Penny the Boxer), renting a plane at the local airport for a couple hours in the sky-ways, or losing herself in art through beautiful imagery and trying to delve into the minds of the creators behind those beautiful stories. She started her photography business in 2008 and fell in love with the boudoir genre in 2010, when she started AIBP.

Living in Boulder, Colorado, she can be seen as a little “out there,” in her avid passion of astrological charts and planetary happenings, but that’s okay; she knows she’s a little different in that respect, and is just fine with that.

A decade after she had her first child, she realized, too, that the letter “A” extended far beyond aviation, arts and animals – as she now blogs for the Huffington Post about atypical children and anxiety.

When she’s not working on AIBP, or checked out to explore the physical and metaphysical world, Erin can be found eating chocolate and working on perfecting her crepe recipe.


Jesus Bernardo


Jesus Bernardo lives on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. He enjoys life as it is, as an artist, and love to help others find their own beauty. Through his lens, he wants to write stories to remember, and engage people in a journey of freedom and self-awareness.

Jesus has been the precursor of boudoir photography in his homeland. Running a successful studio, Be Boudoir Puerto Rico, since 2006, he has served more than 500 clients. He is also a boudoir speaker, and has held various seminars and workshops over the years.

In 2012 he wrote “The Book of Boudoir Photography”, which has been read by nearly 1 million people around the world. This book featured the work of many of his friends and colleagues. Jesus is also a music and dance teacher, with master studies in Instructional Designer, which is a foundation for his love of teaching. He received a Professional Certificate of Photography from The New York Institute of Photography in 2009. Jesus loves to dance salsa and eat pizza in his free time.


Jennifer Tallerico


Jennifer Tallerico, the artist behind ‘JT.Noir’, is known, throughout the International Boudoir Photography Industry and the region for her unique approach to Fine Art Photography. After years being in the boudoir studio, JT transition part of her work into the underwater realm creating ethereal fantasy images for her clients. Prior to her work in the photography industry, JT was a scientist in the engineering field working on the St Johns River. This intensive work in the water was what led her to her current underwater photography. When she is not shooting, she can be found writing for her position as a staff writer for FStoppers. While she travels the country for her underwater work, her home is in North Florida with her husband and two children. She is an avid reader and in her spare time she is content with a comfy chair and a book.


Cate Scaglione


Cate Scaglione is an international award winning Intimate Portrait photographer based out of Red Bank, New Jersey. Known for her poetic visual approach to women’s illustrative portraiture and boudoir photography, Cate has become known as one of the top boudoir photography studios in the US.

Prior to her career in photography, Cate was the Creative Director of Global Advertising for Fortune 500 companies, including American Express. In this role, she oversaw celebrity endorsement campaigns, and was inspired by photo shoots she executed with many celebrity photographers. She is also a speaker and ambassador at several top international photography conferences each year. She currently lives in Middletown, New Jersey with her husband and three children.