Featuring Kristin Gibson

Featuring Kristin Gibson

This week’s featured photographer is Kristin Gibson of 614 Boudoir Photography in Columbus, Ohio


Where do you operate your business?

Columbus, Ohio

Your Website

Your Facebook page

>Your Instagram account

>Your Pinterest account

Your Twitter account

Technical Specs:

Camera used

Canon 6D

Lens choices

I mostly use my 50mm 1.8

Processing Software (just provide the names of the one’s you use)

Photoshop and Lightroom

Do you use any actions?

Yes, I have Jen Rozenbaum’s actions, my style is to keep my clients looking as good as possible and still natural, so they are perfect.

Do you retouch and if so can you give me a quick rundown on if you use any plugins, etc?

I definitely retouch, other than presets and actions, the only plugin I use is for sticky albums, which makes uploads to their apps super easy.




What most people want to know is how you market to your clients.  Have you qualified who your is your ideal client?  

 Yes! My ideal client is a woman between the ages of 28-38, she is a mom, she has insecurities, and she wants to remind herself that she is amazing, and relight that fire within her.

I’d love to add into the article any inspiring client stories you might have.  Also have you had any issues with clients that you would like to share how you resolved them.  That is always something that can hugely benefit the readers.

All of my clients inspire me. I’ve been inspired by women who are leaving their spouses because they know they are worth more, I’ve worked with women over coming eating disorders, rediscovering their sexuality after abuse, remembering the magic of their bodies after 3 kids…I think we forget just how incredible we are as women.

Do you have a physical or digital “welcome” product you give the clients and can you share that if you do. You can give me a link or email. Thanks.





This is probably one of the most important things that the readers want to know.  How do you sell to your clients?  Can you provide info on your sales process and your pricing.  I’d like to be able to provide numbers on what you charge for a session and what your range is for your products, like albums for instance, but if you don’t feel comfortable sharing to much, just give me what fits your comfort level.

I have done a session fee + a la carte products which I loved, but my clients seemed to want to take the thinking out of it, so I put together collections. The collections start at $650, everything includes hair and makeup and a minimum of an hour session. My top collection includes personal shopping and digitals. I do still have an a la carte menu so clients can add on anything else they may need.

What products perform best in your studio? 

 Albums! For sure! I could sell an album to everyone who comes through my doors, second to that, the boxed prints and digitals are also popular with my girls. I’d love to get more women to buy wall art, but most aren’t brazened enough.




Best describe your workspace.  Do you have a studio or work from home?  How large is your space?  What are the challenges with it?  What works really well for you?  Can you please include a photo or two of it, if possible.

I have a two room studio in a commercial space. I share the building with CPA’s, attorneys and insurance agents, which is less than sexy, but it works for me. The front room has a space for hair and makeup, and the back room is where I shoot. I edit and do my admin work from home…or the couch if I’m being honest.

Do you have any plans to change and/or grow from your space in the near future.

I plan to work on the space I have, working on a better consultation/sales space, but I am staying where I am.

Do you keep strict hours of operation with your clients?

 I always say I will, but honestly I don’t. I try to, but if they can meet to view their images at 7pm on a Thursday, fine. And if they have to be out of my studio by 9:30 am to teach a yoga class, I’ll gladly be there with a double shot latte in hand at 7am.

Natural Light, Studio Light, combination of styles?  What’s your preference?  What are your strengths and weaknesses with lighting, if any?

I LOVE natural light. I have the Wescott D5 Octaboxes in the studio if need be, but honestly I don’t love them. I use whatever comes in my one window the best. I would like to get my hands on an ice light or just a strip to play with, but for now I’m keeping it natural.

Do you have makeup artists you work with in your studio?  If so, can you give me a run down of what the rate is you pay them and how you feel about the importance of that relationship.  If you don’t use them, is there a reason?

 Yes, I have 3 girls that I use in somewhat of a rotation. It is SO important for me to have a great relationship with them and in turn for them to have a great attitude with my clients. As the person who spends the first hour of the experience with my girls, they have to have the right vibe. My girls are amazing and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I pay $120 for airbrush makeup with lashes and hair styling.





How long have you been in business?  What were you doing before you started your photo business?

I started photographing boudoir in late 2014, legally formed my business in 2015 after much deliberation. I was and still am a paralegal.

Did you go to school for photographer or are you self taught?

Self taught and still learning.

Did you always want to be a photographer or was it something that came later in life?

Well… looking back, all the signs were there. I always had a camera in my hand, but I fought my creativity for a long time trying to be more logical, analytical and “professional”

What is your biggest struggle in this business?

 Marketing is definitely my biggest struggle– constantly trying to reach new people, creating ads, blogging, and coming up with new social media content is exhausted!

Is there a reason you shoot boudoir and do you shoot any other genre?  If you’re excusive, and/or recently went exclusive can you give the readers some insight into why you did.  If you’ve only ever done boudoir, again we’d love to hear why.

I also shoot weddings, and I love both genres. I specifically love boudoir because I can see the transformation from the timid housewife to the goddess through the process- the empowerment of these ladies is everything to me.



If you knew someone who wanted to be a photographer, and could give them one piece of important advice, what would that be?

 I would tell any aspiring photographer to be willing to get all in. I’ve taken things slow for far too long because I am afraid of the what-ifs. But I can see that when I take risks and make big changes, I get big results back.

Have you ever done a boudoir session yourself, if you are a female (sorry guys 🙂 ? Do you think it’s something that is important for female boudoir photographers to do?

Hell yes! I had an amazing session last year with Jenni (Modern Luxe Boudoir) a fellow AIBP member. I think it is important to put yourself in your clients shoes at least once. I also have done a self portrait session with a timer and remote, and I learned a lot about posing and emotion that way too.

How do you feel about the male / female debate regarding boudoir photographers?  

I think there are plenty of fabulous male boudoir photographers out there, being a female doesn’t make you better, and being male doesn’t make you a creep, skeevy or less-than.

What do you do to avoid burn-out? Is there ever a time when you just want to throw your camera out the window?

 Well, for one- delegate. When you’re overwhelmed, outsource your editing. Hire someone to design your albums. Secondly set boundaries. Take full days off, walk away from your computer, it is healthy.

What do you love about the business?

 OMG…so much! I love meeting new people, I love being a part of their journey, I love empowering women in ways other than sexually, but empowering them to be strong and smart, the best mother and wife possible, take care of themselves, and to stand up for themselves in all situations.

What do you hate about the business?

 I hate the isolation. Being a solopreneur can be very lonely, but also the boudoir genre can isolate us even more because most people don’t know what to talk with us about…they can be intimidated. I go to networking events, I stay active in photography groups, and my own VIP group to combat this, but some days are tough.

Are you a member of any professional photo organizations like PPA, WPPI?  What benefit do you feel you get by being a member?


Do you compete and do you have any opinions on it?  AIBP runs contests regularly.  Do you participate?  If not, is there a reason you don’t?

 I have not competed, but I would love to. I simply don’t think of it too much, but you know after this, I may just start submitting.




Favorite food?   

 Buffalo wings.

One guilty pleasure in life?

 Real Housewives of anywhere

What is your favorite piece of clothing? 

 Spalding body shaping capri leggings in the blackest of black.

What’s one song on your playlist? 

 Love on the Brain- Rhianna

What’s your favorite movie genre? Example?

 Comedies- Bridesmaids, Horrible Bosses, Trainwreck

Favorite shoes to wear?  

 Flip flops as long as there is no snow on the ground.

What are you currently reading? 

 The Desire Map- Danielle LaPorte

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would that be?   

 Paris, the city of light.

If you could go back and do over anything in your life, what would that be?

Well, I don’t typically have regrets because every experience is a chance to learn, but I wouldn’t have fought my creativity as long as I did and I would have taken a risk on myself.

If you could meet and photograph someone famous, who would that be and why?

 Amy Schumer, first of all I think she is hilarious, secondly she is curvaceous and last and probably the biggest reason is because I think she is always being this funny, self degrading comedian, I’d love to see her truly vulnerable, not hiding behind comedy, get serious and celebrate her body. I’m sure that is a beautiful thing.

What do you struggle with the most in life? (not photo related)

 Confidence- which is weird because we want that to be something we bring out in our clients, right? But I struggle with body confidence, business confidence, I tend to not let the “real” me show either because I want everyone to like me.

Are you married, single, have kids, husband?  Is life a juggling act for you?

 I am married, my husband is my business partner and it is definitely a juggling act. We blur the lines of personal and business often, by brainstorming instagram posts at dinner and listening to podcasts in the car, responding to emails during date nights.
Who inspires you the most in life? Work?

In life and work, my clients inspire me.

If you could provide one single piece of advice to influence a young person’s direction in life, what would that be

Believe in yourself. You are worth it.


Cathy Nance
Cathy Nance

Photographer and Owner of Cathy Nance Studios - Intimate Editorial Art


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