Trends in boudoir photography

Trends in boudoir photography

Article By: Jessica Vallecorsa

It’s sassy, spicy, and sensual. That once unchartered territory on the edge of ‘too risqué’ is now a growing trend in the photography industry. More and more women, especially brides, are flocking to the idea of giving their guy a truly unique and personal gift for their big day rather than the traditional watch or cuff links.

Boudoir photography. It’s not a new idea by any means. ‘Boudoir’ is an old French word that referred to a woman’s changing or pouting room. It is the place where women would prepare for a night’s festivities or escape from the crowd for a moment to gather her thoughts. It was a personal and usually elaborately decorated space. And many photographers keep that intimate feel when photographing boudoir.

Women book their sessions for countless reasons… weddings, anniversaries, overseas deployments, or just to celebrate a newly revitalized body after having children. The most important thing to remember is that it’s a day for YOU – from mimosas, to music, to a full hair and makeup session – make it a day to celebrate and pamper yourself. Your boudoir photographer should know how to hide the things you dislike, and accentuate the parts of your body you love. Be sure to employ a photographer who is highly skilled (lighting, technical aptitude, etc.) and who has the sort of personality that makes you feel comfortable and uninhibited.

So you decide to book a session. Now what?? The first thing most women ask when booking their session is ‘What do I wear?’. I always recommend a hint of a man… something to show your guy that you had him in mind when making his gift. It could be anything – his favorite jersey, the tie he’s wearing on the wedding day, or even his favorite cocktail in the background. From there, wear something that reflects your personality, because that’s what he fell in love with in the first place! If you’re a jeans and t-shirt type of chica, grab some frilly boy shorts or torn up jeans with a simple bra. More of the fancy type? Play it up with a corset, stockings, and stilettos. And for something simple but sexy, covering just the essentials with a white sheet will do wonders for his imagination.

It’s an exciting way to show your sexy side, and the idea of giving a truly personal gift is catching on as women become more and more comfortable with their bodies. The traditional one year anniversary gift is paper, and personally, I can’t think of a better piece of paper than a few boudoir photos.

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Lynn Clark
Lynn Clark

Lynn Clark started her fine art boudoir photography studio in Denver, Colorado in 2010. She creates artistically sensual boudoir portraits and fine art nude bodyscapes for women who are on a journey of self-discovery. She draws her clients from Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska and New Mexico. Lynn is the co-founder of The Business of Boudoir, a collaborative boudoir education blog, and served as chair of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers board in 2013. She spend the first 25 years of adulting as a journalist, business communications expert, fundraising communications diva and science writer. She retired from that life in 2012. Lynn offers 1-on-1 mentoring for photographers of all kinds in quitting their day jobs, pricing, information design (websites, pricing guides, etc), and communications audits. She also offers a few products for sale, including her Amazing Permission Slip, a plain-English boudoir photography studio contract, and a strict-and-enforceable installment plan agreement. She also offers headshots and branding photos for creatives and mission-minded women. She is married with two almost-grown kids, a cat named Archer and 5 ferrets.


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