Frequently asked questions answered by Sharon Wilson of Augusta Boudoir

Frequently asked questions answered by Sharon Wilson of Augusta Boudoir

Sharon Wilson from August Boudoir Photography, is sharing some awesome FAQ’s each week for the boudoir photographer.  Her thorough answers to frequently asked questions are invaluable.


Q: Is it better to include hair and make-up in the session, or as an add-on service?  (MUA = Makeup Artist)

A: The first step to figuring out what the right answer is for you is to look at your business model. Professional hair and make-up can add a great boost to the beauty and quality of your images, as well as adding to the overall feel of the experience for your client. However, building these services automatically into your sessions also increases your pricing, so this is a question that all boudoir photographers need to consider.

If you want to attract clients who desire an entire boudoir experience, then including hair and make-up logically adds to the experience. If you want to appeal to women who may have a limited budget, then offering hair and make-up as an add-on may be a better fit for your clients.

Keep these main things in mind when making the decision about including H/MUA services and pricing:

-What are your state laws about licensing requirements for both hair and make-up? Make sure that whomever you use has the proper license qualifications to perform the service. Oh, and unless you are prepared to hire actual employees, make sure you have the proper paperwork in place for your H/MUA to provide services as an Independent Contractor.

-Do you have someone who is talented enough to do both hair and make-up? Some people who are great at styling hair may not be so great at applying make-up, and vice versa. If you can find someone who can do both, then that’s ideal.

-Determine what is a decent amount to pay someone who is skilled, talented, reliable and who will represent your business well. It’s a balancing act to find a price that is comparable to your market, yet you don’t want to break your own bank or break your client’s bank if you want to keep your price points low. If you find someone who is totally awesome and fits well into your business model, then consider letting them name their own price for what they’re worth.

– Don’t forget a back-up H/MUA!! Think about what would happen if your H/MUA can’t make it due to an emergency. Having a back-up that you trust can mean the difference between disappointing a client by re-scheduling or having a successful session and a happy client experience!

Lynn Clark
Lynn Clark

Lynn Clark started her fine art boudoir photography studio in Denver, Colorado in 2010. She creates artistically sensual boudoir portraits and fine art nude bodyscapes for women who are on a journey of self-discovery. She draws her clients from Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska and New Mexico. Lynn is the co-founder of The Business of Boudoir, a collaborative boudoir education blog, and served as chair of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers board in 2013. She spend the first 25 years of adulting as a journalist, business communications expert, fundraising communications diva and science writer. She retired from that life in 2012. Lynn offers 1-on-1 mentoring for photographers of all kinds in quitting their day jobs, pricing, information design (websites, pricing guides, etc), and communications audits. She also offers a few products for sale, including her Amazing Permission Slip, a plain-English boudoir photography studio contract, and a strict-and-enforceable installment plan agreement. She also offers headshots and branding photos for creatives and mission-minded women. She is married with two almost-grown kids, a cat named Archer and 5 ferrets.


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