Entry Rules

Entry Rules

Entry Rules:

  1. Photographers assume responsibility for having appropriate release for subjects of photos.
  2. Subjects of photos (men or women entering, who are not Photographers) must have right to submit image.
  3. Images to be considered must be submitted by deadline posted for each competition.
  4. AIB reserves the right to re-post images for social marketing purposes.
  5. You may submit up to five entries per competition, in any combination of categories (or category)
  6. You will be notified by AIB when your image is submitted, & only if you place- after competition.
  7. No contacting judges personally, or you will be disqualified.
  8. Your work may be published or in simultaneous competitions.
Erin Zahradka
Erin Zahradka

Founder of AIBP, Erin Zahradka is an award winning family & lifestyle photographer & loves the art of everything-boudoir. Internationally Published & Team-Recipient of the 2013 People's Choice ICON Award, she specializes in natural light, bringing her subjects into the natural environments that bring out the beauty in all-things-love-and-light.


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