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AIBP looks for excellence.  When we receive your application, we will evaluate your website for the following:
(In the event that you are not proficient in the following areas, you will be given a refund and insight on ways to improve your portfolio.)

  1. You need a boudoir-specific website and/or a full gallery showing no fewer than three clients/models.
  2. Composition in your work needs to be executed with clear and concise intention, and if the “rule of thirds” is broken, it needs to work well.
  3. Your website branding needs to be clear, and professional, with easy-to-find information regarding your studio or business location.
  4. Creative story-telling in your images with detail emphasis, clean architectural lines and bold artistic and original ideas
  5. Lighting needs to be consistent and nailed whether your use studio lights or natural.  Correct exposure is a must.
  6. Photos need to be in-focus or have intentional bokeh.
  7. Your post processing is not over-done (as if correct in-camera mistakes).
  8. Having won awards is a plus, but not a requirement.
  9. We assume you have rights to ALL of your presented images, and you have model releases on file for your own records.  AIBP is not responsible for gathering this information.

Did you find us on your own?  Have what it takes?  Apply below!

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Upon approval, which takes about 48 hours from receipt of your boudoir portfolio link, you will receive a welcome email which will include a membership seal for you to display on your website/blogsite. 

Member Benefits

  • Weekly contests with awesome tangible PRIZES!  It’s all FUN, yet you learn and inspire one another.  Judging is by fellow members or a guest-judge brought in to add some excitement.  “Winning Image” seal will be displayed on the chosen photo!
  • Annual CASH contest, where an AIBP Member will walk away with cash.  Winner takes ALL when members pool their $5/entries and a carefully selected judge decides who WINS!
  • “Proud Member AIBP” Digital Seal to display on your website, blog, or in newsletters to clients.
  • You will be given a newsletter account which is populated monthly with FOUR newsletters to use for communication to clients.  Let them know what’s going on with you and your fabulous company!
  • Ability to be featured IN our magazine in several different ways… all announced in our very own private Facebook Forum for members-only
  • Access to the private Facebook member-only forum where contests, great prizes, and beautiful photos are abound.
  • Several times a year we have a “Critique Me” guest, who will give feedback on images for our members.
  • Vendor Deals on our “Favorite Vendors Page!”  Take Advantage!
  • Mentoring Program every three months…
  • COVER CONTEST for PHILOSOPHIE boudoir Magazine, our very own print publication sold worldwide.