AIBP Annual Awards

AIBP Annual Awards

Kara Marie Trombette Annual Award WinnerKara Marie Trombetta is so deserving of Photographer of the Year.  She has been an incredible member for AIBP in terms of both community participant, and also instructor / mentor to our other rising photographers.  Out of Austin, TX, Kara helps other boudoir studios market themselves better, enhance their systems to provide better numbers – and her focus of JUST-BOUDOIR, allows her to be one of the best in the business as far as AIBP is concerned. She was an instructor at our New Orleans retreat in 2016, and has been asked by popular demand to our Colorado 2018 retreat.  We shall see if we can land her, but in the meantime, definitely check out Kara Marie’s work and reach out to her for mentoring.   She will review your website, social media, and portfolio and create an action plan for you to improve all of those facets of your business.  Also covered throughout the program is unlimited email Q&A, a brief look at your pricing and sales process, post-processing, portfolio building, client experience, and the shoot process.  Kara’s work speaks for itself.  Consistently gorgeous, artful and confident, just like Kara Marie, out of Austin TX. Tyler Austin Annual Award Winner

Tyler Austin is a Luxury Boudoir Photographer out of Seattle. He’s one of those quiet-types who all of a sudden comes out of nowhere and leaves you speechless with his abilities.  Not only is he an incredible photographer – but Tyler was buzzing around our recent Miami retreat absorbing every single piece of information he possibly could.  He’s an incredible participant in the AIBP community, he’s supportive, compassionate, talented in his artistry AND an incredible MODEL, who left no stone unturned when it came to showing us his abilities in Miami.  He’s comfortable both behind and in front of the lens, which makes him a perfect photographer for his clients… he has been in his clients’ shoes.  Impact Award for Tyler – for finally coming out of the crowd and strutting your stuff!  Amor By TAustin, is out of Seattle, Washington.

Shawn Black Annual Award WinnerShawn Black was awarded “Photographer to Watch” for 2016… and everything said then, still rings true now.  Shawn has no problem garnering women on his list of clientele, who also rave about his work and ability to calm their nerves.  He’s professional, talented, and well, hilarious.  We love Shawn Black, and he’s definitely going places in 2017.  Yep.  Shawn has gone places.  Lots of places.  He’s fun to have around, he’s wicked-talented, and because I find his initiative so admirable, I decided to add an award just for this… Ace of Initiative.  That’s Shawn Black.  Out of Boston, you can find Shawn running for charities, scooping up awards for wedding photography, or in the studio with his long list of loyal clientele.  We love Shawn in AIBP.    Michael Sasser Annual Award WinnerMichael Sasser is one of a kind.  A humble, quiet listener, who really comes alive on stage in front of other boudoir photographers.  His ability to teach the ins and outs of video for your sessions / testimonials / promotional videos is impressive, and while he resides in Los Angeles, he is often seen traveling and enjoying life to its fullest.  AIBP first met Michael at a “Level Up” class in Denver, CO, and he has been on the radar ever since.  Having been an instructor on video twice at our 2015 and 2017 retreats, he was a number one recommendation for teaching video at WPPI’s conference this year – and we hope to see him there!  He’s a friend to all, and incredibly accessible to his colleagues for help, whenever they need it.  His “Still” work is beautiful, yet his “Motion” work, is even more impressive, if that’s at all possible.  Michael Sasser can usually be found on the West Coast… L.A. Katie Thebeau-Davis Annual Award Winner

Katie Thebeau-Davis owns Beau Boudoir out of Plano, TX.  She could possible be THE most positive social butterfly at every AIBP Retreat, and her work is beyond SOLID.  I personally love her Pin-up work the most, but she is so well-rounded, it’s no surprise that if you asked three people what they like most about her work, you’d get three different answers.  She pretty darn good at everything from pin-up, to “beauty,” to classic / maternity / bridal boudoir.  Katie’s deep soothing voice makes you think she’s got everything under control, and her inclusive aura makes you fee like you are welcome to hang out with her at lunch, be in front of her lens or allow YOU to shoot HER!  She’s that cool.  Whether you find yourself in Plano, TX, or decide to do a destination boudoir session, I highly recommend Katie… she definitely deserves a Spotlight!   Julie Socher Annual Award WinnerJulie Socher, boudoir should be unapologetic and uninhibited, and according to her strong portfolio, she accomplishes that – and more.  AIBP first met Julie at the 2015 AIBP Retreat in Ojai, California, where she could be seen taking notes and quietly observing… she isn’t the “Hey Look at ME” Type.  She is authentic and hilarious, describing the moment she realized that boudoir was for her – as a “Tijuana stand off” with her identity and who she was at that time.  She soul-searched, and as she puts it, she “ugly-cried,” and then changed her life, and never looked back. Julie is one of those people who “smiles with their eyes, and her smile is contagious.  Socher’s studio is in Alexandria, Va.  Annual Award WinnerJudy Cormier is not only a matchless talent, she has shown a commitment to AIBP as a seasoned member, for many years.  She has also taken on several critical volunteer roles that help AIBP sustain and thrive within the organization. Judy is our “Contest Countess” and consistently posts incredibly well-planned Weekly Challenge themes, without missing a beat. We can always count on Judy to have her contests and winners posted on time, with beautiful and seamless performance. Her boudoir work???  Judy’s work makes me sigh a breath of fresh air … She has established herself as a recognizable brand whereby seeing an image of hers pop up in the news feed, one can instantly spot a “Judy Cormier” piece of art… yet her images and sessions are unbelievably prolific.  Whether she takes on light and airy, or edgy with tattoos and pink hair… Judy Cormier is a master of many trades, and we could not run our association without her.  Thank you Judy Cormier, for all you do for AIBP and the boudoir community.  Cormier’s studio is Elementz of Fotografie, out of Ontario, Canada. Crystal Mitchell Annual Award WinnerCrystal Mitchell came all the way from Calgary, Canada to rock our socks off at the 2017 AIBP Retreat in Miami, FL… where she styled and did makeup for pretty much everyone.  What I can’t figure out is how she’s amazing at BOTH, the styling/makeup AND the photography side of the biz.  It’s incredible.  She’s hilarious, strong, sexy, and relatable.  Master Photographer / Professional Makeup Artist, Stylist and Designer, Crystal figured out that in order to be fulfilled and happy – you have to harness your love for art, and do something powerful and meaningful with that energy.  Right now, her work in Styling and Retouching is being recognized, but don’t be surprised if you see more awards headed her way… her images leave me speechless.  Crystal Mitchell lives / works her magic, out of Calgary, Canada. Brad Walsh Annual Award Winner

Brad Walsh definitely deserves a Standing Ovation.  He took a huge leap this past year, and left is “full-time job” to make boudoir photography his number one focus.  And it seems he’s doing pretty darn well.  It takes a lot of bravery to make the jump, one which many seldom do… and he has proven that the net doesn’t just appear out of nowhere – rather – it appears for those who work their tails off and prove they deserve it.  Brad has gone from a quiet observer in the community, to now being the Director of Volunteers… his work and social skills have jumped through my screen exponentially over the past year, and well… applauding for you, Brad Walsh.  Another Canadian… his studio is called Visuphoria.  

Angela Michelle Raven Red Annual AIBP AwardsAngela Michelle, Owner of Red Raven Photography, is a force to be reckoned with.  She’s an incredible example of bravery, overcoming obstacles with a positive attitude, a great friend, a fighter, and an unbelievable boudoir photographer.  Angela’s raw and edgy transformations of women, are perhaps rooted in her background in Cultural Anthropology.  They’re both dramatic, and ethereal at the same time.  Eloquent and moody.  Her clients leave feeling empowered and Angela feels even more in her element.  When Angela was at our 2016 New Orleans retreat, she was a soothing energy to have nearby, and in talking with her about her past year… it was almost hard to believe that she was even standing in front of me, let alone in great spirits and with a huge smile.  I re-familiarized myself with her work and … I was in awe.  It’s a huge honor to know Angela, to be among her in this niche, and yes, another award from TEXAS for 2017.  Wow!!!  Red Raven Photography is based out of San Antonio, Tx  Jennifer Rozenbaum


Jennifer Rozenbaum is Shamelessly Feminine. And owner-of.  She’s been an elite honorary member of AIBP for several years now, and this year more than ever, AIBP would like to salute her for being a part of our community.  Jennifer participated more than ever this past year, and has been accessible to our members, to an admirable degree.  Her willingness to help a group that could be perceived as her “competition,” proves that her mission in being authentic can be marked off as – accomplished.  Health hurdles planted in her path; Rosenbaum’s professionalism and character never lessened, rather, her goals to help women both personally and with their livelihood have exponentially expanded– through the beauty of being Shamelessly Feminine. Living and working out of NY, Jennifer Rosenbaum is a globetrotter for both commissioned sessions and for speaking engagements.  Whether she’s at home recovering from chemo, or doing a Facebook Live out and about to enrich the boudoir industry, it is clear that she stands for women around the world.  Grateful doesn’t even begin to express how AIBP feels about Jennifer Rosenbaum being a part of our community.

Manda Koolis
Manda Koolis

Photographer for over 10 years, boudoir specific for 5. Originally a film director, I found beauty in the stillness and use that to create beautiful art work that celebrates womanhood at its core.


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