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“I believe no one can have complete success in our industry alone. I believe the only way to really win in business and life is to surround yourself with like-minded, talented, educated and experienced people; AIBP has all that and more.” — Craig LaMere










jen rozenbaum avatar“I am all for any organization that lifts up its members, allows for greater success and creates a beautiful community. AIBP has proven it can do all three. That’s why I am a member and look forward to whats to come!”  — Jennifer Rozenbaum








natalie kita avatar“AIBP is doing such great things for the boudoir photography community. The contests are fun, the prizes and sponsors are great, and the opportunities for learning and growth are unlimited! I am proud to be a member, and have made some wonderful connections through the Facebook group. The group is full of talent and camaraderie, and is in my opinion, the most tight-knit, professional, and well-comported group of photographers you will ever find online. The newsletters and Philosophie Magazine are valuable resources, and the badges and awards make fantastic “bling” for your websites and social media profiles – something to show your clients how great you really are! Best of all, AIBP provides a united front, a level of credibility, and support for boudoir photographers everywhere.”  –Natalie Kita

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