2018 – COLORADO!

DatesNovember 2nd – 5th.  (Arriving Friday the 2nd, in the late afternoon and departing mid-morning on Monday, November 5th).
INSTRUCTORS (and read further below!)
Two Lead photography instructors – Kara Marie + Jessica Rae
Two Instructors for NUDES:  Lynn Clark + Judy Cormier

LocationBoulder, Colorado.  (more about Boulder, at the bottom!  Keep reading!)

The weather in November
could be a balmy 65 (F) like right now as I type, or it could be a snowstorm… it has often been said that “if you don’t like the weather in Colorado, just wait five minutes.”  The temperatures can be slightly unpredictable, which makes the allure even more intriguing… the challenge and excitement of styling a “snowy-boudoir session” might mean that we include some faux fur by the fire or not – that is 100% up to you.  (and your subject, of course!)

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We will be utilizing the indoors of the picturesque venue(s), and the surrounding environment; the rustic beauty of this sacred land, urban alley settings, an old hotel in the center of downtown Boulder, plus more, are truly something to behold.

We will announce exact sleeping arrangements in the coming weeks, but here are a couple hints: Chautauqua, and Hotel Boulderado.

This retreat / location, offers incredible history, beauty, and environmental shooting unlike any retreat we’ve had before.  We might even be visited by some native wildlife… some deer, a bear, a mountain lion, oh my!

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Kara Marie, Owner of Kara Marie Boudoir, Austin, TX.

Kara Marie was just named AIBP’s Photographer of the Year for several reasons.  She has been an incredible member for AIBP in terms of both community participation, and also her dedication to instruct / mentor our rising photographers.  Out of Austin, TX, Kara helps other boudoir studios market themselves better, enhance their systems to improve their numbers – and her focus of JUST-BOUDOIR, allows her to be one of the best in the business as far as AIBP is concerned. She was an instructor at our New Orleans retreat in 2016, and was highly requested 2018 in our retreat feedback surveys.  Kara introduced our 2016 retreat attendees to her successful client-referral-program numbers, and taught us how to “get our clients to work for us,” so to speak.  Seeing a break-down of exact numbers and how-to’s was eye-opening, and she’s got even more to share, for our retreat.

Artist Jessica Rae, from British Columbia

Jessica is also an award-winning international boudoir / lifestyle photographer who has scooped up many awards within AIBP and beyond.  She will be giving us tips on designing / changing / decorating limited studio space for beauty and lifestyle images. In fact, she and her husband have come up with an excellent solution to a photographer’s unique backdrop system for studios / trade-shows / expos. Attendees will get to try out and see in-person, their hand-crafted solution.  In addition, one of the most important things that photographers can take away from Jessica’s instruction is “how to play nicely with others” in the business.  Relationships, supporting one-another and rational thinking have helped Jessica garner industry-wide respect among colleagues and her client-base.

Judy Cormier, from Canada and
Lynn Clark, from Denver, CO

Judy Cormier,  a longtime AIBP member, and one of the finest nude-specialists in North America, has joined the team of instructors and will be teaching NUDES to us with Lynn Clark, a charter AIBP member, also international award-winning.  The two of them have mastered this special niche that every woman / man deserves to experience.  Lighting / posing different body-types, selling and printing of this specialty is one of the most complicated, yet rewarding types of offerings your studio can add to set you apart from the rest.  We’re beyond thrilled at our panel of instructors.

Alas, a * Wealth Manager*- will join us to tell us
how much of our money is really ours?

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Should we raise our prices?  Put aside MORE for that equipment emergency and taxes, or are we doing just fine?!  As we get closer to the retreat, we will ask a few studios who are interested, to bring their financials, and share with the group – so we can see actual examples of just how well you’re doing – compared to how you think you might be doing, according to our money-expert.  Maybe you’re SPOT ON!

The 2018 AIBP Retreat will be unique and full of fun surprises, all included in your rate:
*note, the pink, are all optional.  The schedule will allow for time with the add-on extras, or you may have down-time, but instruction time will be the bulk of your investment… learning, practicing, learning some more!*

Two Lead photography instructorsKara Marie + Jessica Rae
Two Add-On Instructors for NUDES:  Lynn Clark + Judy Cormier
Several hours actual-shooting time with models (variety of models provided)… huge portfolio booster
Professor from CU Boulder – Interesting and relatable topic
Clairvoyant – Life / Work Balance + Private Sessions
Massage Therapists – Mind-Body Wellness is key
Ice Cream Truck – For obvious reasons, the best ice cream ever
Cannabis Advisor from one of the leading Dispensaries in the country – a look at the responsible usage of Cannabis in various forms, for self-care, recreation and alternative medicine, from experts

We are thrilled to offer this comprehensive and thoughtful three-day retreat in the heart of one of the most desirable places to travel / live in the country for the low rates below.  These rates include lodging in cabin(s) small hotel atmosphere so we can continue the close-knit comfort of our “family,” breakfast and lunch each day + snacks, plus one together-dinner.  In addition, the best intimate instruction-setting in the boudoir photography industry. 

Rate: $1575
*all seats
require a nonrefundable $200 deposit ($200 deposit is good until January 2nd, then it goes up to $400.)

Once you reserve your seat with your $200 deposit, we will be in touch with your payment plan.  It’s every two months.  Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy.

To reserve your seat, please click HERE.

*Official Spouse / Partner / Assistant-Rate:  If your spouse / partner or (1) studio assistant, is interested in coming, we have made this special rate available.  *Included in the partner’s rate is everything above (lodging, meals), minus the education, until further notice.  We *may* be able to include them in activities, but will not know until a later date, TBA.

Spouse / Partner / Assistant – Rate:  $2150 total with an $400 deposit. 

Click HERE to reserve your (2) two spots.  This offering may go away after a few months, depending on how sleeping arrangements fill with photographers.

*As always, we are happy to offer a payment plan for those of you who might need a little extra time.  If you are unable to make it to the retreat for whatever reason, you are responsible for completing payments / or selling your seat and keeping us informed.  If you have any questions regarding exact sleeping arrangements, special needs / accommodations, dietary restrictions or other information… we are open to addressing those inquiries after December 10th.

*If you choose a payment plan, we will contact you to set up the payment-dates and balances left on your Retreat account, in mid-January.  All retreat balances need paid in full by August 25th.

Cannot wait to see all of you at the 2018 AIBP Retreat in Boulder, CO!

Elevation of 5,430′, and less than 45 minutes from Denver International Airport, Boulder is a city at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  To the west, the trail-lined Flatirons are craggy rock formations overlooking the city. Downtown’s pedestrian Pearl Street Mall includes art galleries, cafes, restaurants and boutiques.  Boulder is often referred to as “25 square miles surrounded by reality” for its progressive politics and laid-back lifestyle, but also for its stunning natural beauty.  National Geographic recently named Boulder as the happiest city, using 15 metrics including healthy eating, fresh air, creativity, and civic engagement among other things.  Maybe one of the factors is that there are more pot dispensaries than Starbucks here – what say you?!  Regardless, whether you’re an ocean person (like myself) or the “hikey-bikey-type” that moved here for the world-renowned rock climbing, the beauty and upbeat energy is undeniable, making Boulder a perfect choice for AIBP’s 2018 Retreat.