zAIBP + Awards

The Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP) seeks to unite professional boudoir photographers globally, to share in common interests from the beauty, art, technique and business aspects of the industry. We hope to create depth and breadth, in a worldwide community of boudoir photographers through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase industry awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and competitive edge with the support of their peers. AIBP offers tangible, digital, cash prizes and an opportunity to be published internationally by encouraging positive competition, and highlighting the achievements of those who perform with excellence.  Below are three awards we give close to the New Year, to reflect on the prior 12 months of AIBP member participants.  The three biggest awards a member can receive are:  “AIBP Photographer to Watch,” “AIBP Photographer of the Year,” and highest award for AIBP recipients to strive for is the “AIBP Ambassador of Excellence.”  It IS possible, that one person could win both Photographer of the Year and Ambassador of Excellence, should they be phenomenal in many ways.  Below are the top three awards and their description, and below those, are additional seals that photographers can earn through AIBP when certain accomplishments are achieved.


Introduced in 2015, the AIBP Ambassador of Excellence Award is the highest achievement a member can receive.  This member has been with AIBP for at least two years.  Taking into account personal and professional merits and respect in the boudoir community, this person is an asset to AIBP with whom we would not be the same without.  This award is given by the Founder of AIBP, every two years.


AIBP Photographer of the Year is nominated by members and judged by one to three people. This photographer has made strides to perfect their craft and has won contests and the respect of the community. The previous twelve months are taken into account for this award.


AIBP Photographer to Watch is a great award for a boudoir photographer who is up-and-coming, or has done some interesting changes throughout the previous six-twelve months in business. They are someone who is making change / positive waves and are intriguing to watch- where will they go next?