• 7 Minute Boudoir Retouching (Video) – Getting Shit Done

    by  • November 1, 2016 • Getting Shit Done

    Retouching. ::sigh::  We spend a great deal of our time doing it, and it can really make or break and image.

    Instead of an overview of everything I do on each image, I'm going to start by showing you a full boudoir retouch, done in 7 minutes or less. 7 minutes or less is always my goal when retouching boudoir, and often I can do a proper retouch in around 5. I always set a timer so I can stay on track, and have created many actions to keep myself consistent.

    After processing and adjusting the RAW images, I do my retouching on full sized jpegs. I start with a light dusting of Portraiture. It's customized and pulled way back to 40% - just enough to soften the edges and make the clean up go a bit faster. Then comes Frequency Separation with the healing brush to take out blemishes and other skin imperfections, as well as blend tones. Then I do a quick healing of the under eyes and wrinkles, and pull that back to 40-50%. Lastly, I liquify to tighten up and straighten lines.

    Once all of that standard retouching is done, then I will go on to clean up the background (like light switches), and then do any creative edits (either in PS or in LR).

    I will break down all the various parts of retouching, and my tricks to speed up your boudoir retouching, but until then, here are two images, fully retouched and ready for the creative stuff. Please keep in mind that retouching is a subjective art, and we all like things done a bit differently. Some would do more to these, some less, and that is perfectly fine! There isn't a right or wrong, and it boils down to taste. These are just examples of the process.

    Big thank you to Brady Doyle and Whitney Smith of Big Sky Boudoir for the use of their images.

    I would love to hear your thoughts, questions and feedback! Leave me a comment, or message me on Facebook!


    Jen Swedhin is a Denver-based photographer specializing in intimate male portraiture at Jen Swedhin Photography. She also owns a professional boudoir retouching and virtual assistant business, Jen Gets Shit Done. Jen is a workflow ninja.