• 2017 Annual Retreat – Miami Florida

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    AIBP Retreat
    Florida Nov 10-13

    (5 pm on the 10th- 11 am on the 13th)

    Our annual retreat is BACK! Get ready to dip your toes into the sand, and feel the sun kiss your skin! Florida is waiting for the AIBP group to sit back, learn from incredible instructors, shoot on water front locations and drink cocktails by the pool! This retreat will be very group centered pushing your artistry past its comfort zone.

    Couples Boudoir, Intimate Male Portraiture, Video Promos, Workflow and More!

    Jen Swedhin

    Join Jen as she teaches you how to incorporate shooting intimate male portraiture into your already-successful boudoir business. During this open forum instruction you will have the opportunity to all of your questions answered (erections? sales? safety? creeps?), plus get a jump start on getting comfortable with posing, directing and shooting men. Guided live shooting will be available to allow you to get a grasp on working with men, and understanding the major differences between boudoir for men and women.

    Jen will also be offering an advanced break-out class on Wacom and Workflow, available for free to all attendees. Learn how to properly set up your wacom, go keyboard-free and faster during editing, and create a badass workflow that will save you time and keep your files (and sanity) protected.

    Petra Hermann

    Join Petra for an in-depth and no-bullshit approach to shooting couple's boudoir. This class will teach you to:

    Shoot Smart - changing your perspective, capturing with intent, and posing to save time in post production.
    Shoot Sexy - progressive shooting for natural flow, and posing couples to get authentic passion and expression without penetration.
    Shoot to Sell - variety through styling, angles and perspective, and capturing a storyline.

    Petra will also be offering a live shooting demo with Q&A, so you can see her direction, posing and perspective.

    Michael Sasser

    Join Michael for a game-changing class on video for boudoir. This class will teach you how to effectively shoot client testimonial videos to build a stronger trust than your competitors.

    Learn how to choose the right microphone, ask the right questions, and edit the video for your website. Set yourself apart from your competition!


     Special bonus advanced and breakaway classes at no extra cost! You can dive deeper into a specific class or use the time to shoot on this amazing location.


    PAY NOW (members): $1250 in full

    PAY NOW (hold seat): $250

    PAY NOW (non-member): $1430 in full


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    While we understand circumstances can change quickly, please note that all payments are non-refundable. You may sell your seat on the community page but please do not expect us to do it for you. Cost includes three days of epic learning and shooting, an amazing location.  You are responsible for air, car, and meals. You are also responsible for hotels unless you chose to stay at the event home. All details will be sorted out in the near future, so you can plan away.  Plenty of shoot time included, in addition to cool people attending, are inevitable. We will have a bonus advanced class opportunities for those who wish to continue learning, otherwise you may use this time to schedule shoots with the AIBP official models for this  retreat!


    We HIGHLY recommend getting trip insurance if you are flying in case of any issues we cannot control.




    Is there a schedule of events?

    That will be added in the next few months. However for planning and travel purposes Saturday and Sunday will be the full days of instruction and shooting. Friday night there we will meet at the home anytime after 5pm. Monday morning will be for packing up and last chances for shooting. We will be out of the house by 11am.

    Can my spouse attend?

    Yes they are welcome to join you on your trip,  however any add-ons can not participate in the instructional activities and will have to purchase meals separately. 

    Is there an Expo? 

    No, but there will be vendors and giveaways during the retreat itself.

    Will there be time for shoot-outs?

    Yes, we will have models on hand and there will be time set aside in the schedule for practice shooting. Sign ups for models will be provided to secure your time with models.

    Are flights and hotels included in the retreat price? 

    No.  Flight and hotel accommodations are separate but discounts/group rates are available for the hotel on site. If you wish, you can chose to pay a small extra fee and stay inside the home with the group. It may be less than a hotel in the long run!  

    Are we allowed to share hotel rooms ?

    Yes of course. Since you will be reserving your own hotel accommodations, if you are free to share the price with fellow attendees. 

    Will meals be provided?

    Breakfast and Lunch will be provided. For dinner there are amazing restaurants nearby, or you may use the kitchen to cook as well.

    Will transport be offered from the airport to the hotel?

    No. We suggest listing your arrival airport time in the retreat forum for other attendees to see if you can all meet up for transport sharing. 

    What is the weather during this time?

    Florida can be like a temperamental toddler so I would bring a little of everything to wear. Typically in November it is 80/60 but it can be warmer. But no worries, we are all so close if you need a jacket we got you!