2016 Awards

2016 Year In Review Award Recipients

AIBP recognizes our members.  And it’s one of our favorite times of the year for us.  While every single member grows, participates and elevates one another with their endless, matchless talent, there are always a few that stick out in certain ways.  Below are the 2016 awards chosen by AIBP Co-Founders Cate Scaglione and Jennifer Tallerico.


This award is given to our founding members and original long-term members who have not only demonstrated an elite level of proficiency in their craft, but an overall dedication to the organization’s growth and progress. This award is given every two years starting in 2015, when Cate Scaglione was the winner. She now passes the torch to…

BETH CLAIRE. Beth has shown a commitment to AIBP not only as an original member, but by taking on several critical volunteer roles that help AIBP sustain and thrive within the organization over the past 5+ years. She is also a prolific model who has volunteered for AIBP and other organizations, and has graced our retreat with tremendous creative output for members. Beth has not only run a highly successful boudoir studio, but in the past two years has launched a series of artistic endeavors including her Warrior Series which has gained industry acclaim and followership. Her level of proficiency in lighting, posing and retouching are world class and we are proud to bestow this highest honor on Beth.


STORMY SLOANE.  Stormy has been an elite photographer within our group for several years now. As an International member, we have been thrilled to see her continue to grow and thrive across not just the UK, but expand into other European markets. This past year, Stormy exceeded several of her key business milestones, and has received impressive recognition with high profile editorial placements, work with elite modeling agencies and other special and commercial projects. Congratulations Stormy as our Photographer of the Year.  Stormy has been a prolific and active member of our group for several years now, and many of us had the pleasure to meet her as she crossed the pond. Jana Roller now passes the honorable torch to Stormy and we know Stormy will represent our organization so well.


SHAWN BLACK.  This award goes to members doing interesting noteworthy things with their work or business in the past year who deserve elite recognition.  Once dominating the wedding photography industry in the greater Boston area with coveted awards under his belt, his modest persona and down-to-Earth energy sets anyone at ease.  Shawn is now a highly-sought-after boudoir photographer as well.  While some women would prefer to be shot by a another female, Shawn has no problem garnering women on his list of clientele, who also rave about his work and ability to calm their nerves.  He’s professional, talented, and well, hilarious.  We love Shawn Black, and he’s definitely going places in 2017.


JEN SWEDHIN “Gets Shit Done.”  And that’s precisely the name of her business.  This is the first editing award of its kind issued this year, but it is so fitting to bestow this honor to Jen Swedhin for her excellence in retouching. In addition to her editing proficiency, she is an educator, advisor and active member who supports AIBP’s goals. We are so grateful for Jen and happy to honor her this year.


SUSAN PIZARRO-ECKERT is a dedicated and enthusiastic member.  She is a quiet force but a fierce creative talent who has made major waves over the past years winning countless recognition. She authored a successful groundbreaking boudoir book like no other, launched several creative projects and had a gallery show in 2016 alone. In 2017, she is preparing a new and exciting studio space. This prolific artist always has interesting things launching as she constantly thinks outside the box. We are excited to give the Spotlight Award to Susan.

When AIBP was founded in 2010, our mission was to:  Unite professional boudoir photographers globally, to share in common interests from the beauty, art, technique and business aspects of the industry. We hoped to create depth and breadth, in a worldwide community of boudoir photographers through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase industry awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and competitive edge with the support of their peers. 
We are proud to say, this is all happening daily. Here’s to an amazing 2017.